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QuickBooks Setup 

A Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor

would setup your account from scratch by:

 1. Creating a business account.

 2. Enter Company’s information.

 3. Fiscal year

 4. Accounting method

 5. Currency

 6. Setup sales

 7. Etc

Quickbooks Consultation

  1. Client will complete a client questionnaire to determine the needs of the company. 

  2. A Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor will setup a virtual meeting to determine which Quickbooks plan is best for the company.

  3. Once Quickbooks plan is determine, the Quickbooks ProAdvisor will setup a time to install Quickbooks on company’s account. This process is the Quickbooks setup.

  4. Client will determine if company will prefer to have Evergreen Business Services LLC to maintain their books virtually weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Quickbooks Cleanup

Is the process of bringing your books current and reconcile all accounts. Removing duplicated entries and charts of accounts. Quickbooks ProAdvisor will work closely with company’s accountant to request additional information for clarification. 

Once process is completed, Quickbooks ProAdvisor will forward finding to company’s representative along with custom financial statements. 

Quickbooks Installation and Setup
Ongoing Quickbooks Support Service

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