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Mobile & Online Notary Services

 We notarize power of attorney, Form 1583, DS-3053, acknowledgment, jurats, real estate documents, loan documents, Bill of Sales and more.
PLEASE NOTE: Only U.S. Driver Licenses, Identification Cards or U.S. Passports are accepted for Notarization .

Mobile and Online Notary Services

Notary Fees

 Taking acknowledgments or proofs

  • For the first signature $6.00

  • For each additional signature  $1.00

  • Administering oath or affirmation $6.00

  • Swearing a witness for a deposition $6.00

  • Taking a deposition of a witness (for each 100 words) $ .50

  • Certifying a photocopy  $6.00

  • Travel fees starting at $30 up to 20 miles (8am to 5pm)

  • After hours 6pm to 9pm and weekends $35.00

  • Apostille Charges starting at $175 (first document)

     (additional document $50)

  • Processing fee $7.00

  • Cancellation fee to 1hr $10.00

  • Remote Online Notary fee starting at $31 (For first seal)

Reliable lRemote Online Notarization

Remote Online Notarization will be performed via Notarize or OneNotary platform.

Steps to initialing the remote online notary process:

  • Click the book online button to request online service.

  • You will receive an acknowledgement from remote online notary.

  • Schedule a time to conduct the notarization.

  • Pay the notary fee via link provided and provide email address for delivery of notarized document.

  • Once fee is paid, you will click on blue notarize button to upload document to be notarized.

  • Once payment and document(s) are received, you will received a confirmation with scheduled time for your notary. 

  • At your scheduled notary time. you will join the link provided and the notary will be conducted.

  • The notarized documents will be transmitted to you via email.

Remote Online Notarization 
Expert remote online notarization Services Provider

Notarization is the legal attestation of the authenticity of signed US government documents. At Evergreen Business Services LLC, as a remote online notarization expert, our skills in mobile & online notary services delivery are extensive & intensive. Our notary services portfolio extends to power of attorney, Form 1583, DS 3053, acknowledgement, jurats, Bill of sale, real estate & loan documents. 

Evergreen Business Services' mobile and remote online notarization services grant our clients access to the best notary services. We are accessible for all virtual accounts & bookkeeping with Certified Notary Signing Agents. Our emphasis is on clarity, depth & honesty in all service delivery via Notarize or One Notary Platform.  

As a trusted & reliable remote online notarization services provider, we ensure secure & honest service delivery as the core of our business ethos. We are committed to the US code of notary service ethics.   

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